Tantus Works with Writer’s Guild of Alberta

December 24, 2019

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The Writers’ Guild of Alberta (WGA) was formed in 1980 to provide a meeting ground and collective voice for all the writers of the province. Our members write in every genre and at every level of expertise. The WGA helps give Alberta writers a sense of unity and community, and is the largest provincial writers’ organization in Canada. The WGA provides a wide range of events, outreach, advocacy, mentorship, training and recognition for its members.

WGA was in the process of renewing its strategic plan, as a response to its changing environment and new board of directors coming into place, and required a strategic planning facilitator for its 2019 Strategic Board Retreat.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting Program, Tantus provided cost-reduced facilitation services for a one-day strategic planning session to WGA. The session involved a validation of previously developed material before the new board was in place, as well as the identification of new challenges, considerations, opportunities and strategies from the new board members. Specifically, the session covered the following areas:

  • A group exercise to define highly functioning organizations
  • A review of the vision and mission statements
  • An external pressures analysis (government, sociocultural, industry, membership base)
  • A review of relevancy/progress against previous strategic objectives
  • Developments and adjustments to strategic goals
  • Identification of specific strategies to achieve goals

In addition, Tantus provided additional suggestions on potential strategies, actions and initiatives that could potentially be used by the organization, based on our previous experiences with comparable organizations and their planning processes.

Tantus was represented by Grant Gabert, a Senior Consultant with our Management Consulting team. Tantus is excited to watch the organization achieve the ambitious, important goals outlined in this planning session, and implement meaningful change for its members.

Please contact us for any questions on this engagement, or any questions on the Tantus CSR Consulting program.