Management Consulting Services

Both public sector and private enterprise face continued demands to improve their products and services within tight budgets and operating constraints. Their strategies to deliver on these objectives must also surpass regulatory hurdles and their stakeholder’s desire for increased accountability and transparency, while incorporating the best technologies available.

We work with organizations to implement strategies that:

  • Align with their objectives, goals and mission
  • Ensures efficient business processes to reduce waste and improve productivity

Our core areas of expertise include:

Business and IT Strategic Planning

We work with clients to highlight opportunities, identify risks and mitigation strategies, and plan for future goals and objectives. Overall, it is an organization’s ability to plan and define its strategy, and then make aligned decisions with this strategy that will define its success.

Business Case Development

For many organizations, a business case is required prior to investing or undertaking a project or capital investment. It outlines the project or investments’ link to strategy or business need, the required resources, and the estimated costs and benefits. We have formally assessed dozens of public and private sector opportunities over the past decade and assisted in securing over $1 billion in funding for these initiatives.

Business Process Redesign

Business process redesign examines fundamental organizational processes and develops strategies to improve their efficiency. This redesign can improve productivity by accelerating slow processes, eliminating inefficiencies, and controlling costs.

Organizational Review

An organizational review assesses current issues and redesigns your processes for efficiency gains. This will help accelerate slow processes, eliminate inefficiencies, improve productivity and control costs. More specifically, the following steps are completed in an organizational review:

  • Map current processes
  • Identify constraints
  • Review work issues
  • Root cause analysis
  • Process redesign
  • Improvement / implementation options
  • Prepare an implementation plan

Organizational and Program Governance

We can guide major program initiatives by helping co-ordinate the critical elements of people, technology, and processes to accomplish your goals. Our experience in program governance will ensure that the projects within the program have met oversight control, guidelines, and schedules to meet to delivery expectations.

Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Management (KM) is composed of a range of procedures used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences. This knowledge can be obtained from individuals within the business, or they can be entrenched in company practices or policies. The need for KM in organizations has increased dramatically as the workforce has started to age. We have developed an extensive set of KM tools that will help organizations design customized systems for capturing and sharing important knowledge.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is an essential planning tool that many organizational stakeholders are demanding management put into place. We can assist with the creation of a plan to survive a business disruption while maintaining your operations. We will help you create the policies, procedures, and infrastructure to manage through any eventuality.

Automated Toolkit Development

A toolkit consists of a tailored software program that leads you step-by-step through a process of research and analysis with supporting tools, compiles scenarios and then guides organizations through the report writing process using the collected data. This helps to standardize and automate the report writing. Toolkits are developed for individual clients based upon their needs.

Project Management Services

We can provide complete project management and oversight to ensure that projects remain on course and schedule. We will co-ordinate with your project team to allocate people and resources meet your time-specific outcomes, goals and objectives.