Data Services

“The rate of change in business and in technology, it’s just never been more accelerated, particularly in analytics,” says Rita Sallam, distinguished VP analyst at Gartner. “As organizations digitally transform, as they add digital processes across all of their business, including the products themselves, data and analytics are becoming increasingly important.” (as quoted in CIO magazine, September 19, 2019).

Tantus can help you get ready for the data and analytics journey or help you advance along the roadmap. Our approach can be described in three offerings, all of which are grounded in your business objectives:

A sample of our engagements include:

Crafting the Future

Strategic Advisory Services to help you develop or update your business strategy and plans, determine the right performance metrics, and design optimal processes to deliver your plans. We leverage our Management Consulting Services team to deliver these services.

Building the Foundation

Consulting Services to assist you to put the right building blocks in place to manage your data assets in alignment with your business strategy. Services are focused on:

  • Data Strategy
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Strategy
  • Data Maturity Assessment
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Governance

Reaping the Benefits

Engagement Services to move you along the path to insight based on your data assets. We offer services in two key activity areas:

  • Data Wrangling – to help you transform and map your data
  • Data Visualization – to help you analyze your data in graphical form

We use a continuum of analytical techniques to help you ask “What Happened?” (Descriptive), “Why it Happened?” (Diagnostic), “What are the Probable Outcomes?” (Predictive), and “What is the Best Action?” (Prescriptive).