International Conference on Transportation Innovation (ICTI)

October 22, 2018

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Transportation Innovation Driving Smart Cities
At the invitation of Professor Tony Qui (Director of the Centre for Smart Transportation at the UofA) Tantus participated in the recent ICTI Conference.

ICTI brings together key researchers, industry professionals, and public officials to share and strategize on topics in the areas of transportation planning, policy, operations, and infrastructure. With the 2018 theme of Transportation Innovation Driving Smart Cities, the conference highlighted new technology and methods to improve the efficiency and sustainability of transportation networks, sparking conversation on what thinking and planning needs to take place as we move to implement Smart City initiatives.

We not only attended the two days of presentations and workshops, but we also made a presentation on “The Value of Connected Environments” that featured insights into two transportation projects:

An innovative approach to managing a municipal vehicle fleet using GPS/AVL technology (a Tantus project)
A research project that looks to optimize Mobile Photo Enforcement on Edmonton’s streets (a project from the Centre for Smart Transportation)
The Conference was well executed with some outstanding speakers, including Ibrahim Gedeon (the TELUS CTO) and Dragos Margineantu (AI Chief Technologist and Technical Fellow of Boeing Research & Technology) who both provided informative (and entertaining!) talks.