We’ve had significant experience working with metropolitan police forces to support them in achieving successful outcomes with a variety of business and information technology initiatives. We offer a wide array of technology consulting and management consulting services that support the unique needs of police organizations.

Our policing resources are familiar with the legislative requirements, on-the-street officer needs, and executive officer desires that are integral to daily policing activities. We understand that within policing organizations solutions need to support the safety of officers and members of the public and that mobile, reliable access to business information contributes to safety in the field.

Our experience includes:

  • Working with technical staff in a metropolitan policing organization at all levels from IT developers to chief information officers;
  • Working with operational staff in a metropolitan policing organization at all levels from frontline officers to the Chief of Police;
  • Understanding of policing from functional, organizational and IT perspectives;
  • In-depth understanding of police records management systems (RMS);
  • In depth understanding of the importance of data quality to policing activities;
  • In depth understanding of a variety of subject areas such as labour relations, policy, and payroll from a policing perspective
  • Expertise in human resources domain specific to schedule and resource management, compensation processing and management and learning management in a policing environment.
  • Understanding of security and security-related issues in a policing organization
  • Understanding of the need for solutions that meet the 24-hour operational requirements of policing organizations.
  • Experience working in the following roles within municipal policing: developer, business analyst, program manager, project manager, chief information officer and executive director.