Municipal Government

Municipalities today have increasing expectations to meet changing citizen service expectations while managing numerous financial and resource constraints. There’s also pressure to increase accountability, transparency and demonstrated value to citizens. We have considerable experience in working with municipalities  to meet these expanding requests and heightened expectations. From long-term planning to system implementation, we can help your municipality operate efficiently and effectively. We understand the realities of municipal administration and have tailored our approaches to include stakeholders and consider maximum value to citizens.

A sample of our engagements include:

City of Kelowna, BC

We worked with the City of Kelowna to review their core service delivery, including internal operations and citizen-facing services. As a part of the review we examined
major issues in core services and provided recommendations for the City’s strategy, operational excellence and organizational transformation. To support implementation of these changes we identified quick wins across all divisions and developed a roadmap for change. The review included an extensive, multi-pronged consultation process with internal and external stakeholders.

County of Westlock, AB

Following a strategic planning process, we assisted the County of Westlock’s Council and staff with creating an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. This involved working with Council and staff to describe the current state of the County and their desired future state for financial, social, and environmental sustainability. We also facilitated public consultation sessions within the community. Finally, to close the gap between the current and future states, we supported Council and staff in identifying its goals and strategies.

City of Edmonton, AB

We worked with the City of Edmonton Development Coordination group to review current development processes to enhance their efficiency and ensure quality service to developers and development consultants working with the City. We engaged City staff and key stakeholders to identify, refine and prioritize the opportunities available to the City of Edmonton for improvement. The second part of the engagement involved multi-stakeholder “solution sessions” to identify specific improvements and recommendations. The engagement provided specific recommendations including process improvement, communication, financing options and technology solutions, among others. As a follow up to this process, we facilitated a check-in session with stakeholders to track progress on the recommendations in following years. The follow up sessions identified what worked well, what did not work well and what still needed to be completed. The total impact of this engagement was a significant reduction in turnaround time for specific elements of the development process.

County of Strathcona, AB

We have worked extensively with the County to successfully implement GPS/AVL technology throughout their fleet of vehicles. The first stage was the development of a business case to analyze alternatives for implementing GPS/AVL technology to maximize value to citizens and improve service delivery. The next phase was to support the procurement process by developing specific requirements for each participating department and overseeing a pilot project to test the value of the technology. Finally we supported the selection and installation processes. As a follow up we have analyzed the fleet data from the system to demonstrate value and improvements in driver behaviour.

MISA Prairies

We recently facilitated an innovative process that allowed municipalities in Alberta to work together and understand shared technology service opportunities. Through a client-driven process, our team developed a workbook to identify the major opportunities of interest for each municipality as well as assess their readiness to share technology. Based on the responses and readiness we were able to match opportunity groups for interested municipalities, focused around particular technology systems. We also worked with the municipalities to identify the options available for sharing technology, recognizing the complexity of different collaboration models. To support each opportunity group, we created tools to guide implementation and evaluation.