Industry Associations

Member driven associations of all kinds are constantly growing in both their professional acumen and their need for support. Members are no longer satisfied with organizations that merely provide them with group buying benefits. Members want their associations to provide them with higher levels of value.

We have been a valuable partner to many industry associations, providing services from a members’ services perspective and as advocates.

From a members’ service perspective, we have offered professional development training, evaluated new and potential service offerings and facilitated strategic and operational planning exercises to enhance members’ value.

Our advocacy work involves crafting plans, developing capital spending business cases and conducting primary research studies to provide third-party credibility to association positions. Many members want their association to be their voice when dealing with government organizations, be it in regarding to funding, policy or legislation.

Below is a partial list of services available to member organizations:

  • Member awareness/satisfaction research,
  • Service evaluation,
  • Professional development workshops,
  • Strategic/operational planning,
  • Capital business cases,
  • Issue research/position papers, and
  • Advocacy planning