Construction companies in Alberta are finding high-tech voids that cost them money and diminish their overall efficiency. Several construction companies contact us in order to control their current spending on internal IT projects. Our consultants are immediately tasked with defining how well the client currently utilizes project management practices and governance, and act in consequence. Further, consultants acquire additional responsibilities including business analysis and requirements gathering standardization. These requirements are used in turn, to drive solution design and direct mapping to business requirements.

As a result of our ability to match our clients with highly specialized consultants who are able to meet their needs within a very short period of time, we have become a valued partner to construction companies. To this date, we continue to work closely with the company’s executive body and has created a strong relationship with the entire information technology organization.

We have a strong understanding of the construction business in general and the construction management industry specifically. We have developed a solid relationship with numerous companies in this vertical market as a direct result of this knowledge. Furthermore, we understands not only the critical partnerships that can be formed between construction management firms and the actual building contractors, but also how technology plays a vital role in the communication, efficiency, cost savings and even safety of any project.