Banking and Financial Services

Banking and related financial institutions are facing an increasingly competitive and more regulated playing field, such as the Basel II framework for an advanced internal ratings-based approach. There is increasing pressure to show data security and transparency while still needing cutting-edge data mining tools and providing timely customer service solutions. At Tantus we have 15 years of experience working with credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions in designing business processes and building strategic plans to move your organization in the direction you want to go. Our team will deliver clear, actionable strategies to assist you with project and change management, business intelligence, core banking implementation, and other key initiatives.

A sample of our engagements include:

Scope of Services Banking_Financial 1.2Credit Unions

We facilitated a strategy session on business transformation with the board of directors of a credit union to plan the company’s merger with three other major credit unions in Alberta. We were then responsible for guiding board members from all four organizations through the selection of a new governance model, the process used for selection, creation of the selection criteria, the selection of a board chair and vice chair, new president and CEO, and a new head office strategy for the company. We have also conducted strategy mapping and action plan seminars for credit union employees to examine the credit union’s goals, strategies, and actions, and how the company could utilize the organization’s value chain to better serve customers.


We are assisting a Canadian bank in deploying the Temenos T24 Core Banking System, a complete front to back-office CRM and product lifecycle management software platform. In implementing this package, we helped this bank cleanse and migrate its legacy data as well as overhaul its functional design management and business intelligence processes. In addition, we are engaged with projects related to loan origination, wealth management, mortgage backed securities, and establishing a new sustainment environment for enterprise applications.

We have also been engaged by a Canadian bank to facilitate a two-day training session assisting the organization’s teams in designing better business processes. Specifically, the training involved reviewing the basics of business process mapping, performance management, and the work steps / exercises necessary to build the final deliverable. Business process design best practices were also examined and a work plan was created for the team’s business process improvement project.

Insurance Companies

At Tantus we have performed numerous product profitability analyses for financial institutions based around targeted customers, services, and service channels (teller, phone, and internet). We completed an activity based costing engagement for an insurance company to better understand the company’s cost structure and product profitability. In doing so we identified service cost drivers, conducted a channel analysis, developed different services mixes and identified the profitability of various clients and services mixes offered by the company to optimize their business strategy.