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While we pride ourselves in the people that work for us, we also have the pleasure of working alongside some great partners and clients. We’ve collaborated with clients in both the public and private sectors, all who come from a diverse range of industries.

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Since 2010, PCL has contracted dozens of resources from Tantus to augment PCL’s internal teams. These include Project Administrators, Quality Assurance resources (testers) and Business Analysts. Tantus provides senior resources with extensive industry knowledge and these resources have been highly committed to the success of our projects; some resources being involved for multiple years.

PCL’s experience of Tantus has been that they are highly flexible and respond to resource requests quickly, while ensuring each resource is a strong fit for the work required. It is invaluable to know that we can contract high quality, senior resources very quickly in a fast paced project environment just by reaching out to Tantus’ leadership team. They have provided us with excellent resources quickly and on very short notice many times. PCL highly recommends Tantus to anyone who requires skilled resources to compliment any project initiative.

Brian Ranger
General Manager, Customer Advocacy, Business Technologies
PCL Constructors Inc.

Tantus came to our project with a unique approach that separated them from other potential partners. They reminded us that for information technology to be truly effective, we must view our services from a business perspective. We were able to provide project participants with a portfolio of strategies to achieve their shared goals. Tantus understands the municipal environment and they know technology. They were fun to work with, too!

Sabina Visser
Past General Manager for Information Technology, City of Lethbridge
Past President, MISA Prairies

I am pleased to speak to my experience with Tantus.  Jeff Young and his company provided technical services to the Alberta Office of Statistics and Information (OSI) since its inception in 2007. Tantus supported the development of net-new infrastructure associated with the dissemination of official statistics on behalf of the Government of Alberta.  Jeff Young worked with me as a strategic advisor, and Tantus has become a trusted partner in the process of developing the OSI’s service offerings.  Tantus was required to compete through open, transparent tendering processes for each opportunity with the OSI.  In each case, Tantus provided a competitive bid accompanied by excellent resources which made the company an unquestionably strong proponent. Tantus delivered an excellent range of services to the OSI including project management, business intelligence and data management expertise and advice, technical writing and project assistance.

To date, Tantus has been contracted on four separate initiatives during the past 8 years and several were multi-year contracts.  Every contract resulted in high quality deliverables that were submitted on-time, and within or below budget.  On the rare occasion when a final deliverable required adjustment, Tantus’ resources would clarify the requirements and then make the adjustments accordingly.

In sum, Tantus can be counted on to make a positive contribution to any project, and in my experience their work enhanced project outcomes beyond sponsors’ expectations.  I have no reservations about recommending Jeff Young and Tantus to others, and I have done so frequently.

 Joanne Sasges
Past Director
Alberta Office of Statistics and Information

Tantus recently completed provisioning of project management and technical services to the Lakeshore Regional Police Service (LRPS). This work focused on development of an entirely new hardware and software infrastructure in support of LRPS’s new facility, which they recently moved into.  

I was very pleased with the project management and technical services that Tantus provided to LRPS. Their in-depth understanding of policing software and security requirements was a large contributor to the success of the project.  Tantus worked with LRPS to verify the hardware, software and communication needs and helped to identify suppliers for both installation and ongoing maintenance. They also prepared all technical and network documentation required to permit access to the federal policing systems we need to effectively perform our duties.

Tantus can be counted on to get the job done, and in my opinion, their work played a significant role in our successful move into our new facility and I have no reservations about recommending Tantus as a service provider to other organizations.

Dale Cox
Chief of Police
Lakeshore Regional Police Service

Tantus has worked on several projects for the Town of Canmore. Their initial project was gathering the business requirements around our recreation system which ultimately help shape an RFP. This RFP then went to market and a successful vendor was selected. This selection replaced an end-of-life system and helped streamline our recreation center processes and bookings.

We also engaged Tantus to perform and Information Technology Departmental Health Check. Through stakeholder engagement and client interviews, Tantus was able to diagnose current areas of risk and limitations and define a strategic roadmap of projects. These projects will help align the Information Technology area, with the business needs and goals of the various business units within the town.

Allan Wingenbach
Supervisor of Information Technology
Town of Canmore

Tantus helped the City of Camrose take an unbiased look at our IT investments and operations. They asked questions that we hadn’t thought of and provided some valuable insight. Tantus’ approach of starting with a business perspective to ask technology questions is very well suited to the municipal environment. Their assistance will soon result in noticeable value for our residents.

Malcom Boyd
City of Camrose