Tantus & Her Success

Her Success is an Edmonton based non-profit organization with a stated mission to “Empower women to make informed financial decisions to build a confident and successful future.” Her Success has successfully held events, seminars and online blog content on financial literacy and empowerment for women. The organization was looking to grow rapidly, reach new audiences, develop internal capacity and was exploring the option to roll-out online educational programming – potentially as a social enterprise. To guide them through this high-growth period, the organization had conducted preliminary strategic, business and communication planning to clarify its priorities and major initiatives.

To support Her Success in navigating their planning efforts, we provided consulting services reviewing the business plan and communication plan that the group had developed. Through online communication and a session with the Executive of the Her Success Executive Team, we were able to provide recommendations on the organization’s strategies, goals and operational plan, as well as suggestions on the layout and content of the documents themselves. We provided comments on the organization’s:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Financial and non-financial goals
  • Performance measures
  • Organizational design
  • Board development
  • Marketing activities

In addition, we provided specific recommendations on the planning and implementation activities that the organization should pursue if interested in starting a social enterprise for online educational programming.

We left the Her Success team with dozens of specific recommendations and a specialized strategy map to support future planning activities. Tantus was represented by Grant Gabert, a Senior Consultant with the Management Consulting Division. We look forward to watching Her Success expand its reach, continue empowering women and achieve the growth targets laid out in this initiative.

Please contact us for any questions regarding this engagement or about our CSR Consulting program.