Corporate Profile and Philosophy

Corporate Profile

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Tantus Solutions Group has provided quality IT and management consulting services to our clients since 2001. With origins in Business Planning and Project Management services, Tantus has expanded its expertise and service offerings by adding professionals who are experienced in all facets of business and project development:

Corporate Philosophy

The following statements embody the corporate philosophy of Tantus Solutions Group:

Client Services

Our primary goal is customer service and ensuring the client receives exceptional value in the delivery of our consulting services. Tantus resources work closely with our customers to ensure work is performed efficiently and effectively and that clients are completely satisfied with the products and services they receive. We will measure our client’s satisfaction in our services.

Performance Excellence

Tantus resources strive for excellence in the performance of their jobs. It is expected that each resource brings a sense of commitment to Tantus and to the clients they serve and that each resource takes personal responsibility for the successful completion of each assignment. Tantus Solutions Group, Inc. recognizes and rewards outstanding performance.

Concern For People

Satisfaction in the work place is essential to our combined success. Therefore, it is Tantus’ goal to help each resource grow and develop to their full capacity. As a result, we are sensitive to the goals, needs, and concerns of the people who work for us.

Ethical and Moral Responsibility

Tantus Solutions Group, Inc. is ethically and morally responsible to its clients, its resources, and to the community in which it operates. Tantus and its employees strive to provide value and quality in all their dealings.