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Countdown to 2015 MISA BC

Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver
Photo credit: the snow bunny via Flickr CC

Following great success and feedback at the 2015 MISA Prairies conference in Banff, Alberta, we’re proud to announce that Dave McGarva, our Managing Principal of Management Consulting, will once again be making his Art of Collaboration presentation at the 2015 MISA BC conference in North Vancouver, BC on September 17, 2015. He will speak about the regional collaboration initiative for shared technology service delivery among municipalities within the Prairie provinces. In case you missed the first round, here’s a short synopsis of Dave’s presentation:

Shared Technology Service Delivery – Regional Collaboration Initiative

Collaboration is more art than science, but can be supported with solid data collection to identify opportunities. Dave will share the unique model that 27 Alberta municipalities used to better understand how they could work together. The principle goals of the project were to understand shared technology service opportunities, developed tools to manage the complexity of sharing services, created costing models to evaluate feasibility, and to target resulting opportunities for implementation.

Additional information about Dave’s presentation can be found in this Art of Collaboration post. We look forward to seeing everyone soon in beautiful British Columbia!