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2017 MISA Conference

Photo credit: Eric Chu via Flickr CC

Join Tony Schiebel and Dave McGarva at the 2017 MISA Prairies Conference in beautiful Kananaskis, Alberta from March 20th – March 23!

“The importance of innovation for municipalities has never been greater. Yet, in many jurisdictions, innovation is not systematically understood, supported or managed. As municipal managers, at all levels, work to address complex, multi-faceted issues and challenges, the capacity to design and manage innovation is increasingly seen as a core competency.”



Employee Spotlight: Catherine Ratke

Catherine is a Senior Business Analyst with over twenty five years of IT experience in private and public sectors. She began her career as a programmer and has since performed many roles from Team Lead, Testing Coordinator, Support Analyst and Business Analyst. Catherine possesses diverse experience in various industries including, oil and gas, construction, education, human services, environment, health, banking and liquor control. Catherine provides value to her clients by utilizing her extensive skills and experience.

When she is not working, Catherine enjoys time with her husband and growing teenage sons.  Catherine loves the outdoors and particularly enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, skiing and working out.